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AuIXI - utility token



Token issue prices start at the level of the market price of gold less 10%. Depending on the number of tokens purchased at one time, the price may be even lower.



Operator- EMCODEX LLC, Pristina, Kosovo

Company number: 811882407

Link to business register Website:


Issuer- EMCODEX LLC, Pristina, Kosovo

Gold producer- IXI Capital Holding (BC), LTD, Vancouver, Canada

Company number: BC1098409

IXI Capital Holding LTD, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Company number: NV20201840338

Token nameAUIXI


AUIXI Token Detail -

Token price- 10% below market price - currently about $54/g ($1,680/oz)

Exchange parity1 token = 1 g gold

Form of deliverygold bars with purity of 99.999

Delivery timeup to 6 months from the token holder's request for exchange


What is EMCODEX?

EMCODEX stands for: Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange. The so called commodity market is nothing else than a market where theoretically goods should be traded, however from the point of view of a potential participant in this market (producer) it is no longer a market where the real exchange of goods takes place, but it is primarily a market controlled by speculators such as banks, financial institutions or various types of funds. The aim of this project is to remove the current barriers to direct entry into the commodity market by producers of various types of products that currently exist in the commodity market or face barriers to entry, bypassing the entire chain of intermediaries that force producers to cut margins. That's why we set up EMCODEX, which is an intermediary between direct producers and buyers of their products. Producers who want to overcome barriers to entry or expand their existing markets, and above all, producers who want to be part of the digital world but don't have the knowledge to do so.

How does EMCODEX work?

EMCODEX is an issuer of various types of utility tokens exchangeable for commodities. Each issue is related to a different commodity and is carried out in full cooperation with the producer of this commodity, where all conditions of the issue are set. The funds raised from the issue are transferred to the producer, who undertakes to deliver his commodity in exchange for tokens whenever requested by token holders.

What is AUIXI?

AUIXI is a utility token exchangeable for gold. The purchaser of the token may freely dispose of it, i.e. hold it in his wallet or sell it, but may also demand that it be exchanged for gold at any time. The exchange of a token for gold is based on a forward contract concluded between the parties (the Token Holder and the Producer). Physical delivery of gold will take place on the date specified in the contract, not longer than 6 months. The exchange parity is predetermined and amounts to 1 g of gold for 1 token. This means that the final purchase price of gold is already determined when the token is purchased and not at the market price on the delivery date. 

A forward contract is a forward transaction, and by its nature, the parties to the transaction share the risk of an increase or decrease in the price of gold from the contract date to the delivery date. It should be borne in mind that the high discount for the purchase price of the token in relation to the current market price of gold gives a large margin of safety with regard to fluctuations in the price of gold.

Gold will be delivered in the form of so-called investment gold, i.e. in bars of various weights and 0.999 purity. 

The AUIXI token is built on the TRON Blockchain decentralized technology platform based on the TRC-20 technical standard, which is used to create smart contracts and implement tokens.

The buyer of AUIXI tokens should have a TRX address on the TRON network, created through one of the available cryptocurrency wallets that support this network such as The purchased AUIXI tokens will be sent to the TRX address and will be visible as additional resources, but please note that once the TRX address is created, it must first be activated by funding the account with several TRX tokens (even 0.1 TRX is sufficient), which will allow AUIXI tokens to be sent to that address.


Why did we choose TRON Ecosystem?

First of all, because of the transaction costs. In the case of a TRC20 transfer the commission is less than a cent, while the cost of ERC20 transfers fluctuates strongly and oscillates from a dozen to even several dozen dollars per transaction. 


Why did we choose USDT as the settlement currency?

Tether is the largest stablecoin pegged to the dollar. This cryptocurrency runs on various blockchains such as Ethereum, TRON and Solana. USDT settlements are in high demand because they are tied to a common measure of value - the US dollar. The popularity of this cryptocurrency has grown significantly in recent years and currently Tether is ranked 3rd in the world in terms of capitalization at over $83 billion. 



AUIXI is a utility token and therefore a digital tool related to the cryptocurrency market. The digital currency market is attracting more and more private investors, but also institutional investors who see it as the currency of the future. Some proponents like the fact that the currency takes away the ability of central banks to manage the money supply, as over time banks tend to reduce the value of money through inflation. Cryptocurrency runs on a technology called Blockchain, which is accessible to anyone, creating a more reliable and efficient way to store information without being controlled by a centralized authority. This means that all transactions are decentralized, without the involvement of any financial institutions such as banks or the government. Only the principal and the payee are responsible for the transaction, and information about the transaction is made available in real time and updated only when both parties to the transaction come to an agreement.


What are the benefits to you of acquiring AUIXI?

The issuance of AUIXI tokens is a benefit to both its buyers and the gold producer. 

When you buy an AUIXI token you acquire the right to exchange it for gold at the rate of 1 token - 1g of gold. So by buying a token, you are indirectly buying gold. What is the advantage of buying an AUIXI token rather than buying gold directly from one of the many suppliers? Well, the price. The token price is set at the market price of gold, but discounted by about 10%! 

The gold producer also benefits, as he receives the funds from the token sale immediately, and commits to deliver the goods on the date specified in the forward contract, but no longer than 6 months. This allows the producer to plan production in peace and finance it with the funds he has already accumulated. 

In this way, the main idea of EMCODEX is realized - to support manufacturers in entering the market.


What is the price of the AUIXI token?

The AUIXI token price was set at the market price of gold discounted by 10%.


Why is our price possible?

The attractive terms of the AUIXI token acquisition, and thus the gold acquisition, are due to the fact that gold supplier IXI Capital Holding (BC) Ltd is a direct producer of gold, so its mining cost is not subject to proportional fluctuations to changes in gold prices. IXI Capital Holding (BC) Ltd owns mining claims located in Lincoln, Nevada, USA (link: NEW CASTLE). The ownership and use of this claim is overseen by the Bureau of Land Management's Ely Field Office under serial number NMC933950. A mining claim is a parcel of land over which the claimant claims ownership and the right to develop and mine a discovered, valuable mineral deposit.

IXI Capital Holding commissioned an independent expert geologist to perform an expert report on the estimated mineral resources held by them. The report was performed in 2020 by Maverick Eco-mining, Inc. and is updated annually. In addition to gold, other valuable metals such as silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium and iridium were found. Gold resources alone have been valued at nearly $10 billion. The total value of all the metals mentioned is estimated at over 300 billion USD.


Mineral resource estimation of the producer

The following description is an excerpt from the "NI 43-101 VALUATION REPORT of the Newcastle Claim, T4N R63E Section 33NW Lincoln County, Nevada" prepared in April 2020 (prices current as of the date of this report) by Maverick Eco-mining, Inc.

"A mineral resource evaluation is here based on geologic evidence, historic and modern sampling, and reasonable geologic and grade continuity assumptions. The Newcastle Claim consists of 80 acres. One acre consists of 43,560 square feet thus 80 acres is equivalent to 3,484,800 square feet. A tonnage estimate of the 80 acres has been made using a conservative depth of 50 feet for the thickness of the metal-bearing placer gravels. Using a conversion of 27 cubic feet per cubic yard, the Newcastle Claim contains roughly 15.5 million cubic yards of alluvial placer deposits. At a standard gravel conversion factor of 1.5 tons of gravel per cubic yard, the 15.5 million cubic yards is equivalent to approximately 10 million tons of gravel.





There are approximately 10,000,000 tons of feed ore that represents a gross Indicated Resource Valuation for gold and silver of $11.2 billion. If all PGMs are considered, Newcastle may yield approximately $309 billion dollars of Indicated Resource."


How do I exchange AUIXI for goods?

Mining gold is a complex and time-consuming process and the quantities obtained are small. In order to reduce the price of AUIXI tokens as much as possible, a method was adopted to exchange AUIXI tokens for gold by entering into forward transactions. 

A futures contract is an agreement to enter into a transaction at a future date, the terms of which are agreed upon in advance. Futures contracts are concluded between two parties without the need for the intermediation of another organization, such as an exchange or clearing house, and thus meet the basic premise for which we introduced AUIXI.

The absence of an intermediary makes the forward contract an over-the-counter instrument that can be adjusted so that both parties agreeing to the transaction are satisfied with the terms. Forward contracts are most often used to trade commodities, but they are also a popular mechanism for currency exchange.

In a futures contract, the party that agrees to buy the asset takes a long position, hoping that by the settlement date the market value of the asset will rise, and the party that agrees to sell the asset takes a short position, hoping that the market value of the asset will fall. 

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How can you buy AuIXI Tokens?

The procedure for purchasing AuIXI tokens consists of a few simple steps:


  1. Filling out the token purchase form

  2. Payment for tokens in USDT in the TRC20 network (TRON) to the address of our wallet: 


  3. Sending AuIXI tokens to the address of the wallet indicated by you in the TRC20 network


Download the TRONLINK wallet (TRC20 network) to your browser or smartphone.

  ⁃ If you are using a browser, go to

  ⁃ If you are using a smartphone, download the TRONLINK application

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